i am fond of working on a sliding scale and thus my rates are somewhat negotiable. what a sliding scale means is that my fees are structured in a range, and i ask my clients to pay according to their financial ability. i like to reserve the low end of the sliding scale for folks who are on fixed incomes, low income, students, artists, seniors or others who are struggling to make ends meet. the upper end of the range is for folks who are comfortable financially, doing well, and/or have some discretionary income. the middle of the range is my actual fee and what i expect most folks who fall somewhere in between low income and well-off to pay. it’s an honor system and i will not question your choice of what you pay; i just ask folks to think about what they can afford. folks who pay higher on the scale help make it possible for me to offer lower rates to folks who really need it.

my fees can also range a little bit depending upon circumstances, timing and location of the specific job.

this is my new basic rate sheet – use it as a guideline, not as a final quote. talk to me about your needs and we can go from there to tailor to your individual situation:

potty breaks:

$12-$15/15 minute visit to let your dog(s) out to pee in your yard off leash. no walking involved. a quick in and out.

$25-$30 for twice a day potty breaks. same as above.

dog walking:

$15-$20/half hour visit* for daytime walks for 1-2 dogs. $5 extra for 3+ dogs.

$30-$40 for twice a day walks for 1-2 dogs. $5 extra for 3+ dogs.

dog walking hours are generally 9am – 5pm, monday – friday. if you have a need outside those hours, feel free to submit a request but know that i can’t/won’t always be able to accommodate them.

*please note: actual walking time can range from 20-25 minutes long, allowing time for dealing with alarms, leashing up, kenneling, checking water bowls, treats, etc.

dog sitting while you’re away: (in your home)

$35-$45/day for 2 walks/visits to your home for 1-2 dogs + feeding/watering/medication. ($5 extra for 3+ dogs or plus cats.)

$45-$60/day for 3 walks/visits to your home for 1-2 dogs + feeding/watering/medication. ($5/extra dog or plus cats.)

$50-$70/night for overnight stays in your home for 1-2 dogs. ($5 extra for 3+ dogs or plus cats.) overnight stays begin in the evening after 6pm-ish and end in the morning by 8am. if additional daytime walks are needed, there will be an added fee and must be scheduled when booking. (for example, if your dog(s) need me to come back in the middle of the day to let them out, between 9am and 6pm, i will have to make room in my schedule to do so. therefore you are charged my normal dog walking rate for that time.)

no dog boarding is available at this time.

cat sitting while you’re away: (in your home)

$15-$20 for 1 visit/day for 1-3 cats. feeding/watering/medications/litter scooping. 4+ cats, $5 extra.

$30-$40 for 2 visits/day for 1-3 cats. feeding/watering/medications/litter scooping. 4+ cats, $5 extra.

no cat boarding is available at this time.

other animals:

i can certainly sit for other pets you might have, but you might need to school me on their needs. thus far i have cared for fish, turtles, birds, ferrets and guinea pigs, and i am not averse to caring for other critters. i like ’em all!

contact me and tell me your circumstances and we can figure out something that’s affordable to you and fair to me.

however, no boarding of any animals is available at this time.

holiday rates:

generally speaking, there will be a $5/day surcharge for holiday bookings (i.e. thanksgiving week, christmas/new year’s holidays, memorial day weekend, 4th of july weekend, labor day weekend, etc.). holiday bookings fill up fast and often months in advance, so please don’t call me a few days before a major holiday and expect that i will have openings. i might, but chances are good that i won’t. if i say no, it’s not personal – it’s because i’m already overbooked!

also, i don’t work on endymion saturday or fat tuesday during carnival. ever.

hurricane season/evacuation disclaimer:

in general, i cannot take responsibility for evacuating your pet(s) should a mandatory evacuation be called for while you are away. i advise you have an evacuation plan with a family member, friend or other pet caregiver; i am happy to coordinate with them should the situation arise. please be advised of this policy from june 1st through november 30th.

cancellation policy:

i require 24 hours notice of cancellation of a booked walk or sit; if less than 24 hours is given, then full payment is expected for walks and 50% payment is expected for sits.